How We Help

We offer Consulting services for ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015

  • Assessment of readiness/preparedness to achieve certification – deliverable is a report
  • Understanding the requirements and how they apply to an organisation – deliverable is a presentation
  • List of concrete actions to meet requirements - report
  • Preparation for certification audits – coaching – understanding the auditor’s approach – presentation / discussion
  • Information management issues – real and affordable proposal to tackle the tracking and sharing of data – data automation – deliverable could be the setting up of web database with stored programs and online forms. In some case, we may offer decision automation through software (artificial intelligence) to determine compliance

Your Part



Business processes from input to output, for instance, if you are in the service industry,

you usually start with a contract as an input that delivers a service as an output. Inside a large process, there could be sub-processes and interaction of processes. Finally, there are core processes and support processes. For instance, hiring and training processes support core processes, such as the manufacturing transformation process or service delivery.


Customer satisfaction survey results are a very common use for ISO 9001, everything is aimed towards customer satisfaction.


Internal audits / external audit results that provide an important source of information towards continual improvement, a key concept in ISO 9001.


The new ISO 9001:2015 insists a lot on Leadership. It means that top management activities such as risk-based thinking, strategic direction and environmental scans

are very much part of the standard. The view here is to see ISO as a risk-mitigating strategy and catalyst for opportunities by taking in consideration the needs and expectations of interested parties


ISO 9001:2015 puts a lot of emphasis on documented information. This new terminology applies to several types of information

and records. For instance, a policy and procedure manual, calibration logs, safety inspections, satisfaction results, environmental scans, work instructions are all documented information. In ISO 9001, you must demonstrate that you comply with standard requirements or any other requirements necessary to deliver your product or service. The burden of proof is always on your shoulder. To do so, your organization must rely on documented information.