Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on many factors, such as:

  • Status of the quality management system
  • Willingness of Top management to reach certification
  • Amount of resources available, including staff and budget for training
  • Openness of the organization to make the necessary changes to meet the requirements

Normally, an organization would require one year to build a quality management system that meets the requirements of a standard, like ISO 9001. Some organizations may choose to adhere to an ISO standard without seeking certification. Then, when the organisation feels comfortable, it could seek certification.

A certification body could help you determine the amount of time that will be required. Or, you can trust SysExpert to guide you in the process.

A good way to start is to consult a certification body for an estimated cost. Usually, certification body sales department will ask you to fill a questionnaire for your organisation. Depending on the results of the questionnaire, the certification body will emit a cost estimation specific to your organisation.

An average organisation will have to spend roughly $3500 to $5000 in cost to reach certification.

Initial certification is a daunting process. Without an expert like SysExpert, your organisation may go in circle and achieve very slow progress. In the end, your organisation will waist time and money.

Normally, a serious and competent certification body will charge your organisation pretty much the estimated cost.

However, if during certification audit(s) your organisation does not perform well and must “clear” nonconformities with the auditor(s), then the cost is going to go up. Another reason to rely on expert, like SysExpert, to minimize these nonconformities and reach certification more rapidly.

Choose a certification body with a well-know or international accreditation body. The accreditation body is the watch-dog that watches your watch-dog certification body. Seriously, the accreditation body reviews how the certification body conducts its audits; it provides oversight on the whole process. Besides, it is another logo to add to your collection.